Prices In Benicia & Vallejo Up 10% To 19% In One Month

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Before you fall off your chair, that headline's not a misprint.

I just posted November's home sale statistics for Benicia, Vallejo and the rest of Solano County on our web site and I must admit, even I was surprised to see the numbers climb that much in one month.

Based on everything I've seen happening in the marketplace in recent months, I expected to see another rise in the median price, particularly for Vallejo.

But when I saw a 10% increase in Benicia's median price -- from $374,000 in October to $410,925 in November, I was amazed.

And yet that paled in comparison to Vallejo, where the median price skyrocketed 19% from October's $150,000 to November's $178,175.

You read that correctly: Vallejo's median price was almost 1/5 higher in November than it was in October.

Now, before you read too much into these numbers, it's important to remember that a one-month report can reveal some skewed numbers due to the small sample size.

But even if a few high-end sales weighted the numbers disproportionately, there's certainly no denying that demand remains very high and with multiple- and above-asking-price offers on just about everything under $300,000.

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