What To Do When Facing Foreclosure

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If you are facing foreclosure it seems that there are several solutions that many home owners don’t consider. Perhaps it is the shock, or simply not being experienced in the real estate market. Whatever the reason is when I spoke with several companies that specialize in stopping foreclosure, they all had similar stories to share.

Speaking with a representative from St. Louis’s Missouri’s OSPropertyBuyer.com “What can a homeowner do when facing foreclosure” he was quick to reply, “Find a solution fast! People wait to long to contact someone, I mean someone that can really help them.” He added, “Not everyone has to lose their home when facing foreclosure and a short sale if done, needs to be done as a last resort. And if you are going to do a short shale, do it with someone that has lot’s of experience, the short sale is big part of it, but it is only half the game, that property has to be sold quickly to a qualified buyer”.

Stanley Banks from SCHomeBuyers.net is known in Charleston South Carolina area as one that moves real estate fast and he had this to say when asked the same question. “People don’t explore all available options until it’s too late, we have people call us a week before their house is to go to sale or auction and in most cases we can help stop the foreclosure, but not all. Then by waiting so long doing a short sale may be the only option left. If they would have contacted us when they first realized that foreclosure was inevitable there would have been so many more options available to them and they may still have been able to keep their home.”

We-Buy-Houses-Atlanta-Georgia.com said much the same, “We can’t save them all, but we have a darn good track record, but it makes everything a lot harder when people wait till the last minute. We work with negotiators and loss-mitigation experts that do a great job, but most of the time if the foreclosure date is less than one month away our team won’t even look it. There is just too much preparation and at the same time there are other options we like to try first. The short sale for us is the what we do when there are no options left.”

Considering a Short Sale? For a free, no obligation consultation, contact a qualified real estate investor in your state that can help solve your foreclosure problems.

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