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Original content by Elizabeth Kaplan

On another blog, Larry Szolosi, a Listingbook member from Fort Myers, Florida, gave a fantastic example of how Listingbook works for the agent. With his permission, I am reposting his example below:

"Our MLS had a lot of features that most people did not use or didn't even know they existed. Then they added Listingbook and I am not sure when but after I discovered it and started using it, it was everything you could ask for and more. Here are a few of the things I found that are great about it.Example:  A particular buyer calls you and says they are looking for a 3/2 with a pool in the 33912 zip code. They would like to keep it under $300,000. You advise them of a new service you have available and tell them you are going to give them access to the same database you use to find homes. At that point you go in set them up an account and set up the initial filters to pull up all the homes that meet their criteria. Now for the good stuff: you can go in and review the listing and can leave them notes on anything you want to bring to their attention on each listing. You can highlight some as your picks to let them know that these are some of the best. When they get the list of listings they can view them and reject them or add them to their favorites list. Any time that a new listing is added they are notified. You get a daily summary of all the clients that viewed their listings and if they left you any notes. Within the listing is all the information they could want: tax information, pictures, map, satellite view, HOA fees and more than we normally had in our regular client listing sheet. They can also tag a property to notify them if there is a price change. These are only a few of the features but it really helps the client narrow the field because they have the ability to refine the search criteria and you are advised when they do. There is also a quick search feature that if a client was looking for a foreclosure for example they would just type foreclosure in the remark and it would only bring up foreclosures.  When the client has selected his properties as his favorites and you are ready to set up showing appointments you can create a map route to make your schedule the most time effective or however you want it laid out. When you print out the buyer's presentation, they receive not only the information but a check off sheet with all the things they may want to make notes about the property. Really makes reviewing properties a breeze. There is much more but this is a quick view of a well thought out program. The seller side is also impressive and just as powerful."


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