Could the World be FLAT?

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With summer upon us here in Arizona, like most outdoor enthusiasts, I turn indoors to reshift my priorities into an alternative source of aspiration. I have to admit, I love real estate! I was disappointed this past Sunday when I read the article in the Arizona Republic proclaiming that real estate is flat. I am here to emend that stale term and suggest that it is round! In fact it is so round, it has been known to bounce around all over, depending on the location, price and/or age of property. My experience with real estate in the state of Arizona is that the only constant flat characteristic is that it will change. There is plenty of activity out there. However, this round real estate market does present it's challenges. Please share your triumphs and difficulties to improve the image of our otherwise shapeless real estate market.

Just call me Ms. "Bill" Merrill!

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Louis Cheek
Louis Cheek Jr - Lafayette, LA

Barabara, sounds good!

Are you kin to Mr Bill?

Jul 04, 2007 03:26 AM
Barb Merrill
Cactus Mountain Properties, LLC - Tempe, AZ
GRI, Associate Broker
Just call me Ms. "Bill" Merrill!
Jul 07, 2007 05:02 PM
Louis Cheek
Louis Cheek Jr - Lafayette, LA
Wrong Mr Bill.....BUT I know a Mr Bill out yonder in AZ that uses the same thought pattern that I see in this your post....It may be something in the water....But I like!!!  :-)
Jul 07, 2007 09:23 PM
Joshua Hernandez
National Wholesale Mortgage - Phoenix, AZ

  I prefer Ms. "Beautiful, Intelligent, and Sweet" Bill Merrill!!   ;)

Aug 17, 2007 06:06 PM