Company Meeting, Great Properties, and Dunkin Donuts

Real Estate Broker/Owner with Eagle Realty

Ok, so quick note that video technology is not only a great benefit when it comes to property tours for our listings at Eagle Realty but for inner office use as well, video allows real meetings to come straight to your computer in minutes. I really would be lost without my FLIP camera, what ever did i do before it? Email minutes out (ha)...all that typing...

I wted to attache a link here to a great property email that went out today from Eagle on a couple new listings:

And lastly, a quick thank you to Dunkin Donuts...we could never (i could never) make it through company meeting Wednesdays without your delicious round goodness in a box and a pick me up from your mocha swirl latte. Eagle Realty salutes you!

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