What is the Latest on Avondale Road? (12/16/09)

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Have you wondered what has been done and what will be done to Avondale Road?

The group People for A Better Avondale Road have been working with King County to get Avondale road improved - both from a safety perspective and a noise perspective. 

Here is the latest update from their website:

We have been informed by the County that grinding on the test segmentof Avondale, south of 151st Street, is expected to take place by March 2010.

The panel repairs and replacement on that segment were completed last fall, but grinding was postponed when a new grinding contractor needed to be secured.  The grinding contract is expected to be advertised on December 17th and the bids will open January 5th. 

The County estimates that it will take 2 possibly 3 months from the opening of the bids to starting work on Avondale. 

Meanwhile, the County maintenance department has completed an asphalt patch on a short segment north of 151st Street to repair 2 severely damaged panels which were causing a significant safety and noise problem.

For more information on this grass roots effort to improve this road, check out their website www.ABetterAvondale.org.

By Michelle Blue
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