When's your next Snow Day?

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SNOW DAY...growing up in 'the frozen north' it was always a treat to get a day off school because it was a Snow Day. It meant school was cancelled because the buses couldn't run due to a huge dump of snow. It usually happened 3-4 times every winter and it was always a great surprise. So....we all should have the odd Snow Day...don't you think? All great salespeople deserve a break!!!

 Here is your ACTION STEP...decide to take one day per month (no more, no less...just once a month, OK?) as your own personal SNOW DAY. It works best to do it spontaneously...spur of the moment. Work hard the rest of the time so you can appreciate the reward. Go shopping, go to a Spa, rent 4 movies, disappear for the day, have a fancy lunch...reward yourself!!! Do it every month and make it fun. You will sell more and you'll work more effectively because "there's another Snow Day just around the corner!". NO Excuses.     

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