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Great Outer Banks Photographer

A local Outer Banks photographer, Brooke Mayo, was recently highlighted by the New Bern Sun Journal for her unique view on photography.

Brooke is a local photographer on the Outer Banks who grew up in New Bern.  She is ranked number 7 worldwide by The Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalist, but she never set out for a career in photography.

Brooke didn’t realize her love for photography until her junior year in college at Appalachian State…after changing her major nine times!  At that time, she didn’t even have a camera of her own.  She began by borrowing a friend’s camera and taking photos of family and friends.  After college, Brooke headed north to test her photography skills in the major market of New York City, but as Brooke says, “it was too cold,” so she returned south to the Outer Banks.

Brooke paid her dues as a waitress on the OBX while developing her love and expertise for photography, especially wedding photography.  As it turns out, Brooke couldn’t have chosen a better location.  The Outer Banks is well-known as a wedding destination due to its gorgeous natural setting.   She photographs about 35 weddings per year, and in addition to weddings, Brooke has branched out to dogs!

Brooke recently published a hardback book of photographs called Diving Doggies: A Celebration of Play Underwater.  Using underwater camera equipment, she takes pictures of pups diving and playing in the pool from a ground up perspective; i.e. lying on the bottom of the pool.

We are a bit partial to Brooke.  Due to her amazing work and great reputation, Seaside Vacations recently partnered with Brooke to offer a great deal for all Seaside Vacations guests.  All Seaside Vacations guests have the opportunity to receive free prints during your Outer Banks Vacation.  More details:

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