Painting the Picture: Tips and Effective Questions to Focus Your Efforts in 2010

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Original content by The Team at EXIT Realty
In an address to EXIT Realty franchisees and brokers across North America yesterday, Tami Bonnell, President of the US Organization offered tips to assist them in "painting the picture" for 2010 and beyond.  "Painting the picture is the job of every leader in a real estate office," said Bonnell. 
Purpose - Why did open your brokerage? Everyone wants to be part of something better, so what's your mission statement?  How can you help your agents have a sense of purpose? 
Allow - What are you allowing into your office, into your day? Remember, you're in charge - you're Julie on the Loveboat - "We're playing shuffle board because I said so."  Don't run your business by default. 
Ignite - What are you doing to ignite the momentum in your office?  Do you have a goodwill ambassador to seek out and report on good news, events and training opportunities? 
Numbers - You have to know your brokerage's overall production numbers and you'll get there by understanding what all of your agents want to accomplish.  What's the time frame?  What were their numbers in 2009 and where are they headed in 2010?  Understand the difference between budgeting and forecasting. 
Technology - It isn't meant to get in your way, it's meant to be a tool.  Learn one new thing a week - don't overwhelm yourself.
Inform - It's your job to inform your agents and your community.  You need accurate market knowledge and the ability to deliver that information in the most palatable way possible. 
Now - What can you do now to effectively to improve communications? What can you do now to make a positive impact?  What can you do now to get the biggest bang for your buck?
Gravitate - Who is gravitating to your office? People naturally gravitate towards a positive environment.  Look at your office from an agent's perspective.  Is the energy such that you will attract the right people?
Truth - Tell everyone the truth, including yourself.
Help - When you're up reach down and when you're down reach up.  What do your agents need help with?  What are their biggest concerns?
Engage - Be fully engaged every day.  How much do you know about the people you work with?  How engaged are you in the real estate industry?
Passion - Being excited and passionate sells - are you proud of and excited about what you're doing?
Improve - What are you doing to improve your business every day?  The time to rest on your laurels was yesterday. Today is a new day.
Communicate - The mark of effective communication is not that you've delivered the information, but that the recipient heard and understood the message.  How do your agents want to be communicated with and how do they best receive what you have to say?
Trends - you must understand where the real estate business is headed - going green, technology, etc.
Understood - Ensure your agents have a clear understanding of your expectations
Reinvent - Are you constantly reinventing your brokerage? What are you doing differently to set yourself apart from  your competition?
Evolve - The entire industry is evolving now more than any time in its history.  Is your brokerage evolving along with it?
"Start by making small changes," concluded Bonnell.  "The book The Kaizen Way guides you through the process.  Making small changes consistently in every segment of your life and business can result in big changes in 2010 and beyond."

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