Home retention!!!! We must inform our home owners

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Dear friends in the Real Estate business that are out there:

I just want to share with you the great job of getting the word out there on how we can help in the middle of the "market madness". I am a Real Estate consultant, who works every day with home owners that for one reason or another are in a "not so happy place" and loosing their home.

Most of them are hard working people that are willing to open their door so we can inform them how not to loose their home. Most of us have the insight and can aid in the process of helping the people stay in their home. It is a win win situation and every day I experience it. The most important part is having the disposition  to help and the willingness for home owners to cooperate. As long as a home owner can afford to stay in their home, help must be a "must".

 It is my responsibility as a Real Estate consultant.

 The question is,

How do you feel about that?

take care, be sensitive to one another

Mercedes Soto

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Christine Hynes
American Capital Corporation - Laguna Beach, CA
Orange County Senior Loan Consultant

Mercedes - I think it is simple for a homeowner, write down their income and expenses and the numbers will tell them whether they can afford their home or not.  If they refinance or get a loan modification to lower payments that also has to be factored in.  I think the most difficult part is the emotional side of keeping a home when the numbers are just not their and the homeowner won't admit that they just can't affor their home. 

Dec 20, 2009 03:05 AM
Lawrenceville, GA


I agree, I agree, and I agree. How ever, I have found lots of smart homeowners that in fact have weighted their options and made wise choices. Others have become more educated and are putting their priorities in a new order. To them I say"Good for you".

 It is sad for me, to arrive at a home that has been abandoned because the home owner(s) failed to seek advice or was too embarrassed to ask for help. It is a whole different market and we have to dress for its success.

thank you

Dec 20, 2009 12:33 PM