Forclosures in NH

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While local NH new media continues to tell us that the number of the foreclosures are still rising, I don't see that in the Manchester, NH real estate market. Sure more are getting listed, but there are not as many foreclosed homes for sale as last year. It seems like the 1st time buyers have less inventory to choose from when I take them out. Last year we all laughed at how many homes had no heat when we showed them, but this past 3-4 months is different. The banks are doing a better job of stabilizing the empty homes when listed. Some banks are painting and placing carpet too! I think this is a wise move. Considering a foreclosed home as an asset and treating it as such instead of a liability is a good thing for all. So in NH the market is still good and properly priced homes are listed and sold in a reasonable amount of are things in your market?

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