Looking for GREAT Chinese Food in Hewlett NY - Look no further Ming Hing is a winner...

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Ming Hing, Hewlett, NYYUM YUM YUM

A new Chinese takeoout place opened in the Fortunoff's shopping center in Hewlett, LI, New York a few weeks.

I though ho hum - just what we need here, ANOTHER Chinese Takeout - this makes 4 on a 5 block stretch of Broadway.

Then I heard the owner used to be the guy who did my nails at a naail salon up the road. I had shown him homes a while back.

So we tried it. WOW!!!

It rivals food I have had in Chinatown. One dish was better than the last.

Most Chinese takeouts have the same menu. He has the same menu PLUS Chinese Specialties that you don't get anywhere else locally.

Everything was tasty, fresh and prepared perfectly.

Looking for Dinner tonight? Look no further than MING HING - 1305 Broadway, Hewlett, NY (516) 792-5768

Ask for Steve and tell him you read about it on Donna's Real Estate Blog!!

Maybe I'll see you there.



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