'Tis The Week Before Christmas....

Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX Alternative, Melbourne FL

‘Tis the week before Christmas on Florida’s coast         Santa
Where Teri at RE/MAX is making the most
of mild winter days and cool breezy nights
she’s looking for houses with all of her might

The buyers are shopping with diligent care
in hopes that the perfect home soon will be there
they search high, search low, scan all around
in time the best property will be found

The sellers are wondering if it all will be fine
Teri assures them, “just give it time”
Looking perfect forever can really get old
but as long as it does, this home will be sold

‘Tis the week before Christmas and even the mouse
knows Teri is out there, selling a house
The market is busy, we know that is true
Happy buying and selling to all of you!

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