Scavenger Hunt for Kids on Christmas - inside house - Help

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I thought of organizing a scavenger hunt inside the house this christmas for my kids.  

I want to set it inside the house and have them search for their small gifts instead of placing them in the stockings.  I want to place the first clue in the stocking and let the fun begin.

I need your help with Clues and place to hide them.

Please comment with your riddle or clue and a place to hide the clue inside the house.

This is for a 5 and 7 year old.

I will get them started with an instruction page and a list of blanks to be filled with all the clues for a final prize.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.



Location: inside the Dryer lint catcher, 

Clue: Name the two reindeers with names starting with the letter "D"


example of a word jumble clue: ookl herwe ouy hasw ouyr lothcse.

Answer: look where you wash your clothes.


example of a clue in part french: taped behind the "porte".

Answer: taped behind the door.

Location: hide this clue under the couch

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Larry Gray
Real Estate Consultant - Lakeland, FL

A Very Merry Christmas and Happy & Properous New Year you and your family.

Dec 23, 2009 02:46 AM