Merry Christmas

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We all know that Christmas has become very commercialized.  I think it is very sad that most people forget what this time of year should mean.  Celebrating the time that God gave his son to us.  Sure none of us were around then, but we need to remember.

We should be helping our neighbors, people that are in distress.  Check with the local shelters, see if they need blankets, food, toiletries. 

I am tired of our government giving to all the foreign nations and not helping our own first.  We need to push our government to help our own before they continue to help fireign nations.  Lets make 2010 the year we fight to help our own homeless, the people that can't put enough food on their tables, the ones that need a little training to get a good job.  I am not for the welfare system as it stands, we need to have rules and regulations that allows them only a short period of time when they can collect welfare.  If they have not gotten back on their feet, they need to take back the responsibilty of taking care of their own. We cannot continue to give to them if they are not willing to help themselves.

I know I got on a soap box but someone needed to say those things.

Merry Christmas, remember what this holiday is about.

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Merry Christmas to you too Darlene.  Good post.  :) 

Dec 23, 2009 04:43 AM