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I'm probably writing about a topic that's been done before but I wonder if the advice is followed as often as it should. I'm talking about agent's LMS photos. If over 85% of all buyers utilize the internet to view houses before making a decision to visit, why wouldn't you want your pictures to be the best that they can be??? As a Home Stager, I've had the opportunity to work with some great agents and I'm fortunate that they're receptive to my feedback. I'm a realist and understand that not every homeowner is going to agree to have their home staged prior to sale, so it's that much more crucial for the realtor to at least "stage" the room prior to picture taking. There's nothing worse then taking pictures that are dark, show clutter, or don't even show the highlights of the listing. I'm sure you could get agreement from your client to open up blinds, move a few things around, etc., prior to taking the pictures that will hopefully "sell their home". When you're done taking pictures, everything can be returned to its place. I was doing a staging consultation on a house that needed a lot of help. I was amazed that the highlight of the home, which was a new addition family room, was not even a picture in the online gallery. Another important item is your listing description. When I stage, I have an opportunity to "fall in love" with a home for a couple of hours. When I do this, I think about what is great about the home, what makes this home special, who would ideally live here? I think sometimes we can miss the obvious and we need to make sure we paint a picture for potential buyers. I have an agent that's had a listing up for nine months. After I did a staging consultation, we talked about tweaking the description to include references to : "Mr & Mrs Clean live here...", "bring the extended family.....", "a home that is a mix of old and new.....". Also make sure that your photos are updated if changes have been made. I even share my photos with the realtors if I find that I have a better angle, updated photo, etc. At the end of the day, we all want these houses to sell. I hope you too have the kind of relationship with your Home Stager that you utilize them as a professional resource in getting your listing sold! If you're an agent in the lower Hudson Valley, NY or northern NJ, please feel free to call me to take a look at your listings.

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Dana Devine
Charles Rutenberg Realty - Apollo Beach, FL

some one else wrote a blog about contacting the selling to let the seller know that the agent only had 1 photo in MLS and would not return calls...i agreed that agents should not be realtors and get listings if they are not going to work the listings...write a small  comment and only one photo and no school infoamtion, this is not right ...since i  agreed to her blog this one agent just unloaded on me that he was going to report me for contacting another agents seller....I agree with you...if the agent is going to take a listing  then the agent should use all means to make the listing show good and every effert to sell it

Dec 24, 2009 12:06 AM
Retired from ActiveRain
Baker, OR

It's amazing to me to to see a luxury home listed on MLS with only one photo and a brief description.  The listing says a lot more about the listing agent than it does the home.  The sad part is that the homeowner is wasting time and money hiring a "professional" that won't get the job done.  Good pictures are important!

Dec 24, 2009 01:38 AM
Carol Romeo
Sensible Staging & Redesign, LLC - Nanuet, NY

Thank you Dana & Rick for your comments. I hope the holidays were good to you!

Jan 05, 2010 02:09 AM