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I am rebloging John's post about our move to Remax.  It is important that agents understand the responsibility we have representing clients. 

Our best wishes for the holiday season and let 2010 be a healthy, happy and prosperous year for all!


Original content by John MacArthur DC-SP98366576

The MacArthur Group

     Recently, The MacArthur Group moved to ReMax Realty Centre.  The move was part of several changes we made to better serve our clients.  We wanted full control of our business.  Moving from one broker to another takes more than just packing, signing a new independent contractor's agreement, getting new cards and changing all your websites.  It takes careful planning. It takes timely evaluation of your options. Most agents understand that the majority of brokers will welcome any agent with a pulse with open arms. Unfortunately, lots of agents misconstrue this recruiting activity as a true sense of their value in the industry.

     It is not true.  You should never let hollow praise replace introspection and evaluation.

     One of the factors that we considered very relevant was the attitude of the agents that had affiliated with us.  We began to understand that the hidden motivation of greed was not acceptable.  It is one thing to earn a living and be paid for the work you do. It is quite another to pretend you are working for a client and truly be attempting to milk every dime possible out of a transaction AT YOUR CLIENTS EXPENSE!  There is a huge difference in full disclosure.  The public has a lousy image of agents rooted in their mind. This perception is related to the way some agents practice.

     We are Realtors.  There have been times in the past when we have not realized the importance of that designation.  We have made the statement that you don't need the NAR to designate you have ethics to actually have ethics.  Well, we have changed our tune.  Membership does make a difference. We can be at odds with the views shared by the NAR and still be proud of our designation.  We do believe in the code of ethics and are proud to use the designation Realtor.

     We trimmed our group of affiliates.  We did have members that were not Realtors.  We did have affiliates that weaned home showing lists based on the amount of money they would be paid.  We felt it was wrong. There is nothing wrong with limiting homes you show IF you fully disclose to your clients that you are doing so. There is nothing wrong with making sure you are paid appropriately for your efforts IF you fully disclose to your clients that is your motivation.  There is nothing wrong with fully disclosing the Exclusive Right to Represent includes language that makes the client liable for any difference between what is offered in the MLS listing and what the agreement calls for. As many often quote, "know the truth and the truth shall set you free."

     It is wrong to present yourself as a Realtor if you are not a member of the NAR.  It is wrong to preclude showing homes based on the co-operative offered in the MLS if you do so without explaining that to your clients. It is wrong to mislead clients.  It is wrong to pretend you have legitimate access to the MLS.  It is wrong to pretend you have legitimate access to showing homes. This profession involves assisting people with one of the most valuable decisions in their life. Some agents play loosely with the rules and pretend to be things that they are not. It is wrong and not acceptable to the The MacArthur Group.

     You see, we moved because we wanted to offer a wider array of services. We wanted the freedom to treat our clients without the limitations some brokers place on your business plan.  We made the move to enhance our past, current and future clients.  We did not invite everyone that was affiliated with us to move with us. We did not maintain a relationship with all the agents that used to work under our banner.  They won't appear on our website and they have been asked to remove all indications that they are affiliated with us.  We are leaner but cleaner.  We are all focused on handling our clients in the same honest fashion. 

     .  We would encourage anyone to ask their agent:


  1. Are you a member of The National Association of Realtors?
  2. Do you have legitimate access to the Multiple Listing Service?
  3. Do you have legitimate access to the homes you are showing us?
  4. Can you represent us completely or will someone else prepare our offer ( if so, why should we use you?)
  5. Can you provide proof that you actually know what you are doing and why what you are doing is in my best interest?
     These are just general conversation starters.  Oh, if whomever you are interviewing responds to any question with a negative about the concerned.  If agents can not stand on their own merits, how will they ever represent you. If they don't answer to your satisfaction...we would love the chance to speak with you about your needs.

     We only ask that you offer us the opportunity to meet with you. We practice full disclosure ... there is a difference.

     The MacArthur Group ... Experience the Difference


Liz Whittingham
RE/MAX Results Realty - Maple Ridge, BC
Performances not Promises

Great blog written with caring and detail by the writers! The awesome thing about disclosure is that you can sleep well at night.

Dec 24, 2009 12:37 AM
Roy Kelley
Retired - Gaithersburg, MD

Thanks for sharing. We have enjoyed many years of success with RE/MAX. Best wishes for continued success in the new year!

Dec 24, 2009 12:38 AM