Why Do They Always Trash the House?

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Original content by Bob Haywood

It never fails.  I go to show a short sale or a foreclosure to my buyer, only to find that the previous owner trashed the place before leaving. 

Why is that?  Why do they always trash the house?

I've thought about that for a long time.  And, at first, I thought it was because that's just the kind of people they are.  You know the types.  They buy lottery tickets with money they don't have.  Drink too much.  Smoke too much.  Probably do a lot of other "too much" stuff in their life.  But then I thought, "Wait a minute.  That's a pretty judgmental attitude, Bob.  You do things you shouldn't do at times and sometimes you do them too much too.  Don't be that way."

So then I thought some more about this situation.  And the reality is that it isn't about the lifestyle that people live.  I think we're all looking for the same things in life - a future, hope, a way to make a living, entertainment, family.  And many times, I believe, people who lose their homes are victims of despair.  You cannot control the loss of a job.  Here in Tulsa, Arrow Trucking just shut down.  This company has been around since 1948.  They ship stuff nationwide.  And yet, they closed their doors and left many of their drivers stranded all over the United States with no way home and no paycheck just a few days before Christmas.  How do you make a house payment with no paycheck?  How do you make a living?  How do you do Christmas?  How do you avoid despair?

I think the reason people trash the house when they know they are going to lose it has more to do with frustration and anger than anything else.  Sure, there may be revenge mixed in, but what else would you expect when you find yourself in a situation you did not create (hopefully) and that you cannot do anything to change or fix?  Acting out is simply emotional overload on rapid release.

Is it right?  No.  Should folks get to stay in their houses free and clear when they cannot make their payment?  No, I'm not saying that either.  But surely there is some kind of answer.  Surely there is some kind of help for those who find themselves in such dire circumstances?

Maybe not.

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Bob Haywood
McGraw Realtors - Owasso, OK

Hi Cheryl, thank you for reblogging my post.  I hope your readers find it helpful and interesting.  Merry Christmas!

Dec 24, 2009 05:03 AM