Merry Christmas, You're FIRED!

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Ahhh, the Christmas season...a time to reflect back on the year, celebrate accomplishments, and spend time with those who stuck with you through thick and thin.  And as we bring the year to a close, here's something to think about...

86% of surveyed agents said that they will not hit their 2009 financial goal.  But how could that be?  You did everything a great agent should!  You were a friend, a counselor, a chauffeur, a financial advisor, an interior decorator, a student, paperwork completion specialist, file organizer, Blackberry operating pro, an image consultant....well, that was YOU, the hard working salesperson.  And then there was YOU, the business manager.  And usually in business, when the people don't produce, at some point the manager gets fired. 

So if you are one of those about it?  Are you willing to "fire" yourself?  What will the new manager do differently? Will the new manager be a better planner, marketer, time manager? Well, I can't promise you the world, but here are a few tips that should help you hit your targets in 2010...and here's the funny already know this!!!

1)  Schedule appointments with yourself - This is dedicated time for planning, prospecting, etc.  So if somebody asks to go view homes tomorrow at 10, you can say, "I'm sorry, I have an appointment then, but how about noon?"

2)  Stay consistently visible - there are about 760 Million forms of media...a disciplined delivery of your branded materials will keep you top of mind in your target market.  Email, direct mail, social media, your personal website...all with the same look and feel, and presented systematically will do wonders for your business.

3)  Create a manageable budget - Simply saying "I'll invest 10% of my commissions back into marketing" is not good enough...after all, if you don't close a deal, you're investing 10% of nothing.  Budget based on your GOAL.  Want to make 100k?  Plan on investing a percentage of THAT, and stick to it.  No matter what. 

4)  Know your numbers - Farming a neighborhood?  How many homes are in it?  What is the turnover? What is the average transaction price? Who is your competition in this neighborhood? What is their marketshare? What is YOUR marketshare?  How many homes do you need to sell to hit your goal?

5)  Decide who to surround yourself with...and who to "delete" - Let's face it.  We all know somebody who is a time and energy vampire.  Somebody who will tell you every reason why success is unachievable, will blame Obama for why their deal last month fell through... Well you don't need them.  Find people who are achieving what you hope to achieve, and learn from them.  Take them out to lunch.  Seek out these experts in your life and hang with them more often. Outside of business, in our life, there are parenting experts, marriage experts, spiritual experts.  Is your teen driving you crazy?  Who do you know that has a kid that is a virtually perfect teenager?  Ask them what they did to raise that child!

6) Remember that WHO you are is far more important than WHAT you do - Enough said.

7) Contact me - Yup...shameless plug.  But here's my Christmas gift to me before 12/31 and I'll get you set up for a free one-on-one coaching session with a Certified Integrity Coach to get you geared up for 2010!

In closing, I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!  Enjoy your time with your loved ones...we only get about 80 Christmases in a lifetime.  Spend them wisely!

Play to Win,

Coach Jig

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