Home Buying Process

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Home Buying Process

There's alot that goes into buying a home.
 Here is a basic overview of the home buying process:

1. Find a professional, knowledgable and experienced real estate agent who is
duty bound to protect your interests. (We have
several to choose from) 

2. Pre-qualify with a mortgage comany to find the right mortgage program
for your needs (this saves you time and gives you negotiating power with sellers)

3. Research neighborhoods, schools, or other community features of interest
and locate available homes on the market for sale.
(your real estate agent can help save you alot of time and money with this process)

4. Identify a home and submit an offer to purchase to a seller

5. Once an offer to purchase has become a contract, it is highly recommended to get a professional home inspection done on your behalf.
(There will be costs involved, generally $300 to $400 but well worth the investment)
A mortgage company may also require an appraisal, a pest inspection, a survey and a septic inspection or flood certification if applicable. Check with your real estate agent to make sure any inspections needed are identified and included in the offer to purchase.

6. Closing - This is a final step to execute the finalized contract. All interested parties come together to verify that the conditions of the contract have been met and satisfied and the final transfer of the home and property change possesion from the seller to the buyer.

You can count on Capitol Realty Group to work with you to protect your interests while making the home buying process easy.

You can count on us for:

1. A detailed real estate analysis to help you determine an appropriate purchase price.

2. Help understanding information that may affect your decisions, such as a seller's disclosure, inspection results and other conditions we may discover about your purchase.

3. Professional negotiation that will help you attain the best possible price as well as attractive terms.

4. Recommendations on inspectors, attorneys, mortgage brokers and lenders if needed. We draw from professionals who have earned consistantly high marks from our past real estate customers.

For All You Home Buying Needs, In Montgomery Alabama Visit:


Home Buying, Home Buyer Resource, Buy A Home Links

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