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Getting to you know your real estate representative (RER) is very important - most people just call the agent on the sign in front of a house that might be of interest to them.   Who do you think that RER is working for?  If your answer is "The Seller" you are right.   Her responsibility is to represent the Seller and look after his best interest.  You, the Buyer, will be provided with the facts about the property and you are basically on your own. 

So before you start looking for a house, I would suggest that you do some research and interview a few RERs and find one that will do the job for YOU.  One that makes you feel as you are number ONE.   She must represent your best interests and get you the best deal possible. 

Your RERs job is to show as many properties  on the market that meet your needs and budget.  From there, you can make an educated decision on which one suits you and feels like home. She will provide you with the most recent sales in that particular neighborhood, provide you  with her opinion on what the property is worth and guide you through this most important investment. 

Here's a question you can ask potential RERs that you are interviewing.  What makes you different and why should I hire you?  Listen very carefully to the answer. 

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