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This economy is hard enough but with FHA changing the guidelines it's not getting any easier. For example When FHA changed the fico requirements from 580 to 620 I probably lost 50% percent of my clients and what did FHA just do they changed the FICO score again from 620 to 640 this time I was ready but my realtor partners were not so happy (I can't blame them) Well my realtor friends it's only going to get better in this coming year.


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Ricardo Archila

Oh great looks like we're in for another fun year.  Im glad we have your knowledge to feed on and keep us moving foward.  Keep us updated on changes as it is very helpful information




Im sure the light at the end of the tunnel is near.


Dec 29, 2009 10:17 AM
Ray Villanueva
Home Funding Corporation - Walnut Creek, CA

In my opinion and it's only my opinion, the bar in our industry has been set so low that clients are wondering who is in this business to help and who is in this business for profit.. Well if we go back to old times (back to basics) Realtors must not forget that we are in this together. I want every loan to close if not more than you. We/I, am aware of every dead line but, the true red flag here are all the changes so my goal for this year and every year going forward is not to educate anyone Realtor or client but to provide facts about changes. I will not sugar coat anything.. Lets help and close as much as possible.. Together we will over come all and any change.. The only thing that may worry me at the moment is the new Mortgage license..LOL

Happy Holidays


Ray Villanueva

Area Sales Manager

Sr. Mortgage Planner



Dec 29, 2009 10:42 AM