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So many of us have spent hours seeking out free access to the MLS and it is readily available.
If you're someone who simply wants to know what your home is Worth or what your neighbors house is listed for this direction makes sense however, if your truly looking for your next home I must say it makes no sense at all.
Of course I'm a little bias being a realtor myself.

Let's break it down.
Using the tools from my site or any site that gives you access to the MLS does give you access to the basic information price, bedrooms, baths etc.. it doesn't give the information that is needed to make an informed decision. Why you say. Well, the MLS cannot give out all information related to a property for security and privacy reasons, access code information, tenant information, homeowner information etc..

That being said here are a few reasons why you need a Realtor.

1). A good Realtor is experienced in negotiation and well versed in home values in any given area.
2). A Realtor has access to all the information regarding the property that you will need to make a good decision.
3). A Realtor is definitely needed to gain access to the property of choice and although a buyer can call the realtor off the sign out front, it is not in the buyers best interest to do so because the selling agents fiduciary responsibility is to the home seller not the buyer.
4). This leads me to the most significant reason to get a good Realtor. He or she is looking out for your best interest not the seller and the cost of the buyers agent is free to the buyer. That's right, FREE.
The fee to list a property is almost always negotiated between the listing agent and the homeowner before the home goes on the market and is paid out of the sellers closing costs at closing.

Many people think if they approach the selling agent they will get a deal because there is no commission going to the buyers agent, the thought is that the listing agent will pass the savings on to the buyer. In theory it sounds good but in reality, you will probably loose more than you would gain simply because the sellers agent has no motivation to lower the price which will cut his or her commission and do a disservice to his or her client. It's just not a good decision in my opinion.

More later.

Thanks for reading,

Ken Cuellar
Licensed Realtor
Team Cuellar of Tyler Properties

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