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I speak with Loan Offices and Realtors on a daily basis. I am finding that mostare not really interested in helping clients that they can't slam dunk (close with little or no effort). While some of you might say well getting a client closed take lots of work I am sure it does. But what about the clients who are working hard to do everything they can to get their family in a home but they have no one to turn too. The Realtor want assist until they have a pre-qual. letter or the loan officer want touch them because their credit score is is 570 or less. The sad thing is that these hard working people are being brushed off or turned away. For example: Dec. 12 I spoke with a San Antonio Loan Officer I want mention them by name but I called their office up to speak with them about our services they said that they were not interested in our services though it is free to loan officers and Realtors because they do not help people with poor credit. So I asked why? They began to state that their clientele don't have these issues and those that do have issues they simply tell them they can not help them. So I went on to ask why not refer them out too some one who can help them get qualified? Their immediate response was it takes to much time and even if they did their is no guarantee that the client would come back. I followed up with the question "so what you are saying is you do not want a pipeline of future revenue and if you can't close your client immediately they are of no value too you? " they replied no that's not what I am saying! Although, they did ask me to send my information over to him. It took me questioning his commitment to selling loans to prompt him to move. Having these types of conversation multiple times began to make me question the mortgage industry:

  • Are Loan Officers looking to build lasting relationships with their prospects and client?
  • Is a referral from a prospect you did not close better than a referral from a client you did close?
  • Are prospects that you can't close NOW better that clients that will be closed in the future?
  • Are relationships important in the mortgage industry?
  • Do Loan Officers or Realtors want repeat business?
  • What percentage of these people in the mortgage industry are thinking like the top 10%?

Loan Officers, Brokers and Realtors if you are want to build a pipeline of closable clients, if you are looking for a trusted and reliable company to assist your clients and prospects with getting credit qualified for a mortgage I challenge you to give me a call. When you see your closing ratio increase you will be glad you did. 

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