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Social Fusion: The Modern Day Approach to Selling

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This is an excerpt from Social Fusion by James Nellis

Chapter 1- Social Confusion:

      Many companies focus only on one or two forms of media and miss the opportunity to engage with today’s consumer. In recent times we have seen the major companies begin hiring “Social Media Directors” and Brand Managers in hopes of capturing the new business. Small Business owners have also gotten involved themselves trying to utilize the online tools and networks. The issue for small business owners is time and money. Even though some of the larger organizations have the financial resources to hire positions they are still missing out on the true opportunity to engage.

       We have also seen many National Speakers and Trainers speak on social media and online selling. Unfortunately, the majority of them are missing the mark. It is not the lack of resources that prevent companies from making money online it is their approach. They must begin today with a holistic philosophy for their company defined as Social Fusion. Social Fusion is the layering of multiple forms of media to integrate with the accessibility of today’s consumer. Social Fusion begins with an emphasis on the “whole” or your overall goal as a company. How does your company mission statement correspond with your online brand? Are you marketing your company in a way to attract today’s consumer?


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