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The best way to set yourself apart is to become an expert in a specific niche. If you niche yourself you will do tremendously more business then if you are trying to chase and capture every piece of the pie. You want to focus on just a specific slice of the pie. You needn't be concerned about loosing business in particular areas that you're not marketing for. Trust me; you will be so busy you won't want or need the other business.

Think about this for a moment, who earns more and makes more money - a heart surgeon or a regular doctor?

Who earns more, a heart surgeon or a pediatric heart surgeon?

Who earns more, a regular mechanic or a mechanic who specializes in just Volvos?

Start asking yourself why would anyone do business with me? What makes me different from every other loan officer? What niche could I dominate?

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Jeff Schraeder

Imperial Mortgage

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Nattalie de la Mothe
Maximum One Greater Atlanta Realtors - Atlanta, GA
Selling Atlanta Homes like a Boss

Jeff, great examples!! I have heard this message, "find a niche" so many times, but your axamples made it hit home...

Thanks for sharing!

Jul 06, 2007 12:02 PM
Agnes Ikotun
AI Virtual Solutions LLC - Newington, CT

Great point Jeff!

It came quite easy for me to pick real estate for my niche as a Virtual Assistant as i absolutely love the industry. Sometimes i get tempted to broaden my niche, but i always decide against it for the main reason being expertise.

Why be good at many things when you can be great at one! Some will argue that you can be great at many....!!

Jul 06, 2007 12:08 PM