The New Year will bring Better Service for our Clients

Home Inspector with Magnum Property Inspection

We are happy to announce the newly aquired T400 Thermal Imaging camera to Clients. We have been using two of the  B-Cams for the last three years. This new camera has a resoloution 8 times better then the B Cam, B40, B50, B60 cameras.  We now have in our TI service department three cameras and three operators that are qualified and certified thermographers.

We can now truly diagnose to a greater detail and offer even more information to our clients in the Utilities field, and building field. We can see in greater detail moisture issues, missing or compressed insulation, electrical issues with a better image our specialists can now offer a much better detail of what is happening within the building envelope.

We have been on many jobs where more information and detail would have made pin pointing the issue that much easier. We now can pin point HVAC leaks with greater accuracy and also have better predictive maintenance information. This will enable our IAQ and Mold inspections greatly as we can now inspect for humidity levels and moisture levels giving us greater detail for reports.

So to all current clients I say happy new year and thanks to you we are able to bring better service and more information to you, and to new clients I say welcome to our family and have a happy New year.

We also will be expanding our service area as well to include Brockville, Kingston, Belleville, Trenton, Cobourg, greater Toronto Area  and North to Ottawa and back along hwy 7 to Peterborough and all towns in between. This will encompass the Eastern Ontario area, and we are excited to have the ability to service more people.

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