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Workout - Nia Exercise
Fitness That Feels Good!

Nia is a non-impact, cardio dance, total body workout that allows you to move your body according to your body's own way.

Non-impact does not mean low intensity---you set your own intensity!

No experience or specific fitness level is required. Move to a variety of music and different movement forms: martial arts (like Tai Chi), dance arts (like Jazz Dance), and healing arts (like Yoga), for a total body, mind and spirit connection. Nia offers full-body conditioning; increasing flexibility, agility, strength, stability, and mobility. Experience Nia and feel the joy of movement. YOU'LL BE HOOKED! Bring mat, water and towel. For additional information about Nia visit or e-mail Certified Nia White Belt at

Tuesdays at 6:00 pm starting January 12, 2010 - 

This class is being put on by the City of San Carlos Park and Rec Department. There will be two sessions of 5 classes. You can sign up for one session or sign up for all 10 classes at a discount.

See information at:

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