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Tanning Salons, Shoreline WA

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I love to go to tanning salons and where I live, in Shoreline, there isn't many. Out of the three I must declare that I love Desert Sun. It has a friendly environment where you can walk into this salon, be greeted, and feel like the girls who work there aren't trying to be fake with you (which let's face it folks, what do we think when we see orange girls? FAKE). 

The location of this salon is always convenient, not right on highway 99 (where we all know of some other 'fake' girls), and it is tucked in right next to a famous coffee shop we all know (a.k.a. Starbucks) and a great place to get your work out in, Gold's Gym Shoreline.


Shoreline Desert Sun is also very popular so when choosing this tanning salon, I would suggest making an appointment just to be on the safe side. Walk-ins are accepted but not guaranteed because of the busy evenings.


However even though it may seem to be on the more pricey side of tanning salons, it is defiantly one of the cleanest and most up kept. The beds are always clean, which if anyone has gone tanning in a 'not so clean bed' would understand that when people use lotions they leave behind some nasty remnants, that one can only leave to imagination, making one feel utterly disgusted. Why can’t these silly girls, who sit all day, get off their bums and clean up after customers?


Then there comes to the topic of spray tanning, which could turn you orange and splotchy if done incorrectly however, the spray tanning at Desert Sun Salon is flawless (everyone has their human faults if they forget to put the lotion between their fingers and toes). But if the tanner generally knows how to correctly apply the tanning lotion, and if they don't the high energy staff will gladly show you, your spray tan will transform you into a trip from Cabo, in one trip to the salon.

This tanning salon is highly stocked with lotions to tan, bronze, and nourish you. The sents and colors and samples are all completely stocked and never run dry. This is very exciting for those who want to get their ‘fake and bake’ on quickly.


Overall this salon is ultimately, amazing and highly esteemed. I would recommend if you feel like catching some rays, or spraying on some fake ones to go to Desert Sun Tanning Salon.



18336 Aurora Ave Ste 108

Shoreline, WA 98133


Mon - Fri


8:00am - 10:00pm

Sat - Sun


9:00am - 8:00pm


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Luke Constantino
Brooklyn/Manhattan Real Estate - Brooklyn, NY
Residential/Commercial Real Estate Brooklyn NY

I never wwent to a tanning salon. I don't know if that stuff is healthy...

Have a happy and prosperous New Year! :-)

Dec 31, 2009 03:23 AM
Kristi Knutson
Kirkland, WA
Blog Trainer ☂

Well now I want to go tanning!

Oct 19, 2010 08:29 AM