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What's In A Zip Code?

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How about $15,000 in property value. The infinite wisdome (LOL) of the United States Postal Servcie is at work again in Nashville. THe addition of the Cane Ridge community name has brought some relief from the negative connotation of Antioch, however the gerrymandered lines are so silly even our City Officials are befuddled. Within a 1 mile radius we have 3 seperate zip codes...37013, 37027, 37211. Now I know this doesn't sound odd but but the 37013 zip code has 2 different areas that are 5 miles apart. The Postmaster said it has to do with a work contact....

The reason for the frustration is two subdivisions adjoin the one where I build and sell 1 has the 37211 zip code, the other the 37027 zip code but we are all in the same school and tax zone!!! Due to the high crime issues in 37013 5 miles away appraisers are dunning the value of our houses by as much as $15,000



Pat Fayard Reagan

Molena, Ga.


Oct 17, 2011 12:46 PM