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Crestline Ca Local business, Look Tantastic Salon and Tanning in Crestline Village

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Tanning salons in Shoreline, WA. Desert Sun Tanning opened its doors right before Tantastic Salon and Tanning did! I believe the feeling is mutual when you go into the tanning salon on a cold day and come out feeling warm and cheery. Overall I can sense the good and fun loving atmosphere that i think both salons bring to these areas.

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Crestline Ca Local business spotlight on Look Tantastic Salon and Tanning in Crestline Village.

Look tantastic salon and tanning in crestline, crestline salon, crestline tanning, crestline village businessLook Tantastic Salon and Tanning opened its doors in November of 2008. It is a bustling salon that is kept super clean and a really a great experience! The shop was opened in two stages as the salon was the first to get up and running and with some delays for the owners to get the space ready for the tanning beds, the tanning was fully operational in February.  The salon is located at 23875 Lake Drive in the Crestline Village, next door to the Stockade restaurant. 

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Let me tell you how nice it is to go into Look Tantastic and lay down in a tanning bed when it is freezing cold outside and snow covers the ground!  And not even just to get a little color on your pale skin after nearly 4 months of covering up with long pants, scarves, beanies, gloves and heavy boots(only when there's snow, which we don't get a whole lot of).  The feel of warmth, though it may be fake sunshine, is heavenly! I am not one for tanning a lot but it was a warm day in Crestline for me when Look Tantastic opened!

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The owners are James and Heather Keenan, who moved over to Crestline from England last year, and are good and fun loving people.  They keep their tanning beds running smooth and are kept very sanitary.  They are thorougly cleaned after each use.  Each of the two tanning rooms are private and well ventilated.  The salon does keep the air conditioning on in the summertime too.  Each tanning bed also has a fan that blows directly on you to keep you on the cooler side.  The rooms also have certain personal care items to help you freshen up after your session and is comfortable with a chair and rug and small table for your personal belongings.

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On the salon side, they offer a full menu of treatments for ladies and gents and children alike.  Hair care, nail care, spa pedicures and waxing services are available here.  The hair care gals have each at separate times cut my hair and I have always loved the way it is done and how it looks and how I feel when I leave!

The salon does have specials for wedding day hair and nail care, as well as prom specials.  There are also some great packages available for a day of pampering!  The salon serves yummy beverages to it's clentele while they wait as well as snacks and water.

The salon is also kept very clean and sanitary and is full service. Because we are a small town and this salon is located right in the downtown Crestline area, it is a great place to sit and relax while waiting for your service to begin.  You can watch people walk and drive by, and the owners are always on hand to chat with you and make you feel at home.   The decor is clean and minimal, with pictures taken of the Crestline area by a local photographer on the walls.

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So if you are ever up here in Crestline, or if you currently live here on the mountain and have yet to stop by this great place, make sure you do!  Click on the link to the Look Tantastic website for more information on the salon services!

And as always, if you have questions about moving up here to the beautiful mountains to the Crestline and Lake Arrowhead areas, please email me at steeleofalifetime@gmail.com and make sure to visit my websites!


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