Buffalo, NY Home Inspector talks about winter home maintenance

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Buffalo, NY Home Inspector John Villella, owner of All Pro Home Inspection talks about home maintenance - even in during the winter.

Winter is hard on homes and there's a long list of things that could go wrong such as frozen pipes, water intrusion, ice damming and other winter problems.  All of these can be expensive to fix and difficult to fix under winter conditions.  But with a little preventative maintenance, you can help save yourself some grief, and your wallet.  You haven't done any maintenance and it's now the middle of winter - it's OK, there's still time and you may just prevent a problem from occurring in doing your home maintenance now.  Here's a small list of ideas that should help as a guide:

  • Roof - Climb on a sturdy ladder (only if you are capable, if not have this done by someone else) and visually review your roof covering for missing or damaged shingles.  Any loose shingles can be nailed and resealed using some silicone.  Caulking or a roof cement (mastic material) can be applied at any gaps or separations that may be present around the roof penetrations.  If you spot trouble - have a professional come out to review and repair as needed.
  • Chimney - A rain cap with a screen will help prevent birds and other small pests from entering the liner and obstruct the ventilation of the chimney.  Remember, an obstructed chimney is a hazard.  Review the bricks, mortar, and the crown.  If there are deteriorated areas re-pointing or sealing these areas is needed.  The chimney liner should be inspected and cleaned, especially if you are using the chimney for a fireplace or a woodstove.  Creosote can lead to a chimney fire, if not cleaned regularly.  Ensure the chimney sweep contractor is certified by Chimney Safety Institute of America.
  • Gutters - Clean gutters are needed.  Clogged gutter can cause water intrusion at any time of the year, but if the gutter are full of debris and water and the temps get below 32 degrees - ice!  Ice is heavy and will block water from properly draining.  It's hard to maintain the gutters of they are already frozen - you might have to wait until the temps get above freezing and the sun is out.
  • Siding - Look for gaps and separations and seal these areas.  If you have loose or missing siding - it needs to be repaired.
  • Windows & Doors - Repair/replace any damaged or missing weather stripping.  This will help prevent heat loss and will save energy (money).  Seal any gaps that might be around the exterior of the windows and doors at the siding/trim areas. 
  • Exterior Water Valves - Unless they are frost-proof, drain and turn off the taps.  Also, if you have frost-proof taps - make sure there is not a garden hose connected to it.  There's a great chance of a frost-proof tap freezing with hoses connected.

Now take a walk around the house. Make sure the air vents are not blocked by leaves or snow.  Clear any leaves or debris from the side of the house and basement window wells.  This will eliminate an environment for pests/rodents.  Once it's clear, check the foundation for cracks and leaks.  If you have any concerns have a professional review it.

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