Home Inspector Turns Up Christmas Light Fire Dangers

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Do any of your electrical outlets have signs of heat or discoloration? This could be a dangerous situation. The information below is provided by David Salvato, a professional home inspector.

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As a home inspector we see many things that some people may not look twice at. Here we have a 120V duplex outlet located outside on a patio. For years this outlet was used to power the homes Christmas lights. First off it is recommended that all outlets located in outdoor locations be GFCI protected. The damage that is visible here is from ARC fault. A dangerous condition that can cause fires. It is estimated that ARC fault fires account for as much as 22% of all in home electrical fires. AFCI breakers are available for most of today's electrical panels. These breakers in most cases will trip shutting off power to the outlet thus protecting it from further damage or fire. Are you protected? To learn more click here. Inspect all your homes outlets for any signs of heat or discoloration.



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