Out With The Old; In With The New?

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If you dislike reading and looking at statistical charts you may want to pass on this article present in www.venturacountyretalk.com.  However if charts are not disturbing then you will get an enlightning picture of Ventura County real estate for the immediate period (2009) as well as for the last 16 years (1994 through 2009).

Charts are used extensively because more information can be presented in a limited space.

The Ventura County real estate market has been choppy over the last year due in large part to foreclosures and the reverse of that.....new buyer credit.

Words however do not tell the story.  The chart below is a monthly summary or prices by month for Ventura County.  From this chart one can see the ups and downs that has been experienced throughout the year.  Despite the ups and downs prices for Ventura County real estate rose approximately 6% from a year ago (December 31, 2008).

For the complete article go to:  http://www.venturacountyretalk.com

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