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HOT OFF THE PRESS -- Sales / Stats review for Whistler -- the last SEVEN years consolidated review !

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Okay folks, here is likely the most comprehensive sales stat summary you will find with regard to Whistler BC properties.  There are some great opportunities right now for bargain buyers as we go into the 2010 Olympics and the benefits down the road that we will see as a result of that.

This first link is for all CHALET sales history -- BUT.... with a special grouping by AGE of home -- so that you know it is at least a close to "apples to apples" comparison !

whistler chalets.htm

This second link is also for CHALET sales history -- but this time, grouped by AREA -- so you can see what is happening in certain "neighborhoods"

whistler chalets by area.htm

And this third link is to the sales of Standard Residential Properties -- condos and townhomes that do NOT have either the Phase 1 or Phase 2 rental covenant in place (so not legally allowed to be rented out nightly or weekly)

std res condos.htm

This fourth link is to the sales history of Phase 1 Properties -- which can be rented out nightly or weekly and also have unlimited / unrestricted owner use

phase 1 by area.htm

This fifth link is to the sales history for Phase 2Properties -- which can also be rented out nightly or weekly and but DO have limited owner use -- restriction is 28 days per winter and 28 days per summer

phase 2 by area.htm

And lastly, this link is for sales history on SHARED OWNERSHIP opportunities -- Quarter Share as well as Tenth Share properties

shared ownership.htm

Clearly I have the data, and the capabilities, to help you assess and analyse this market with current and accurate information.  Be informed, be knowledgeable, and be in the drivers seat, using me and my expertise to help you along the way !

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