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Building a do-it-yourself security system

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In neighborhoods abounding with foreclosures and vacant houses, crimes like robberies

and home invasions are on the rise. For the wealthy, a few thousand dollars

for a professionally-installed security system or monitored service is an accepted expense.

For those living on fixed incomes or tight budgets, it is another matter.

People who are handy with tools and have some knowledge of electronics, could

build a security system for a few hundred dollars, one segment at a time if necessary.

System components are available from home materials stores, big box chains, and many

on-line Web sites. A stationary color camera runs $40 to $70. Systems with four cameras and a 500

Gig digital recorder cost $500 to $700. Add a color monitor and the price can jump to about $1,200. Here is

where you can save by purchasing a flat panel 15-to-22- inch digital TV selling for $160 to $200 at

electronics chains. They come with a variety of inputs, including the RCA jacks needed

for the DVR output. It is also possible to use an outdated analog color TV if it has RCA inputs for video

and sound. You can start with one camera aimed at your front door and a used TV. Additional

cameras and a DVR can be added later. Cameras should be aimed at critical areas

where an incident might occur. In solving crimes, color and sound are both important. Other good items in

complete home security can include a telephone positioned near your monitor and a canister of pepper

spray on a hook near the front door  Web sites for equipment include www.walmart.com, www.meijer.com,

and www.frys.com.

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