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Official Roster and Schedule for the Virtual Real Estate BarCamp: Jan 4th from 9am PST - 4pm PST

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It is today.  Here is the schedule and instructions.

I wish I could go to all the sessions.  I have four of the seven sessions narrowed down to two choices, that's progress.  I am kind of that way with a menu too. 

One thing I did last time that helped me was use my Desktop to watch the presentation, be in in the chatroom and watch Twitter. At the same time I used my netbook to be on MY LinkedIn when Mike Mueller was talking about LinkedIn, on My Posterous.com when Brad Carrol was talking about Posterous.com 

I suppose you could do it all on the same computer too.

Great to see GMAC as a sponsor. 

Great to see Brad Andersohn doing an ActiveRain session!

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It is on!!!!

Today only, we are running 4 simultaneous webinars, all day long.  
28 Speakers!
7 Hours!
2000+ Attendees.


Each “Webinar Room” has a separate Access Link, Call-In-Number and Access Code.


This information will be emailed to all registered participants.  You can jump in and out of each webinar by using the different access links and call-in-numbers.  Each session is separated by a 15-minute intermission, leaving you plenty of time to access a different room, or to chat with the presenter after their session has ended.

We would also like to encourage you to visit TwitterFacebook and TomatoChat Rooms (#1#2#3#4) to join in the national conversation with your peers, on the day of the event. Consider these locations the ‘hallways’ of the event, where you can meet, discuss and learn from each other during the intermissions.


1. 9:00AM PST: Jim Cronin - Welcome To Virtual Real Estate BarCamp
2. 9:15AM PST: Brad Inman - What Is Inman News Predicting?
3. 10:15AM PST: Mike Mueller - 7 Secrets To Facebook Page Success
4. 11:15AM PST: Brad Andersohn - Blogging Tips For Beginners
5. 12:15PM PST: Bernice Ross - Seven Serious Social Media Mistakes Most Agents Make
6. 1:15PM PST: Glenn Sanford - The Real Estate Office Of The Future, Part II
7. 2:15PM PST: Amy Chorew - 5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Laptop/Notebook
8. 3:15PM PST: Drew Meyers - Online Reputation Management
9. 4:00PM PST: Jim Cronin - Closing Words


1. 9:00AM PST: Jim Cronin - Welcome To Virtual Real Estate BarCamp
2. 9:15AM PST: Stacey Harmon - Facebook Tools & Tricks: Separating Personal from Professional
3. 10:15AM PST: Nicole & Reggie Nicolay - Twitter Essentials for 2010
4. 11:15AM PST: Darin Persinger - The 7 A’s To Building Your Business Online & Offline
5. 12:15PM PST: Brad Carroll - The Value Of Adding Posterous.com To Your Online Tool Belt
6. 1:15PM PST: Jay Thompson - Write Right, Right Now.  Get Your Blog On!
7. 2:15PM PST: Jonathan Rivera - How To Leverage The Power Of Social Media In Real Estate
8. 3:15PM PST: Joel Burslem - 15 Ways to Make Your Marketing Mobile
9. 4:00PM PST: Jim Cronin - Closing Words


1. 9:00AM PST: Jim Cronin - Welcome To Virtual Real Estate BarCamp
2. 9:15AM PST: Sue Adler - How I Started Over in a New Market & Went to $50M/year in Sales in Just 4 Yrs!
3. 10:15AM PST: Sherry Chris - Next Generation Brokerage
4. 11:15AM PST: Matt Johnson - Using Web Applications To Streamline Your Use Of Technology
5. 12:15PM PST: Jeff Turner - The Lost Art Of Listening
6. 1:15PM PST: Kendra Todd - The 45-Min Branding Boot Camp: “The Brand Called You”
7. 2:15PM PST: Mike Simonsen - What’s The Market Telling Us? (All new session!)
8. 3:15PM PST: Pat Kitano - Innovative Community Engagement Strategies


1. 9:15AM PST: Teresa Boardman - Flickr.com - A REAL Social Network
2. 10:15AM PST: Tara Jones - Media Marketing
3. 11:15AM PST: Ross Hair - Advanced Facebook - How To Use FB To Dominate Your Local Market
4. 12:15PM PST: Stefan Swanepoel - Social Media Beyond Mainstream: Augmented Reality & More
5. 1:15M PST: Mark Madsen - 7 Strategies For Connecting w/ Agents Online w/o Looking Like A Stalker.
6. 2:15PM PST: Rob Hahn - Social Media Heresies
7. 3:15PM PST: Steve Rosenbaum - 10 Ways To Lift, Tuck & Firm Up Your Contact Follow Up So Your Front End Takes Care Of Itself


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Laura Giannotta
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I have a problem at 11:15, I want to be everywhere! GAME ON!!

Jan 04, 2010 12:03 AM
Maureen McCabe
HER Realtors - Columbus, OH
Columbus Ohio Real Estate

11:15 is one of my undecided slots....

Jan 04, 2010 12:06 AM
Bill Risser
Fidelity National Title - Saint Petersburg, FL
Fidelity National Title - Tampa District

Maureen - what a day!!  Just listening to the wrap-up now.  Jim and Jason did an outstanding job!

Jan 04, 2010 10:10 AM
Maureen McCabe
HER Realtors - Columbus, OH
Columbus Ohio Real Estate

I got a lot out of it.  

Jan 04, 2010 12:13 PM