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December 28th, 2009

I wonder how many zillions of blogs are starting out that way today? But, you know what - 2009 has been a really tough year for probably most Americans (not to mention people all over the world), so we really deserve a happier new year.  Everyone knows the real estate business took a big hit this year, but whenever I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself I think of people who lost their jobs entirely, people whose homes are under foreclosure, people who cannot afford health care, military people whose lives have been totally upended, people wondering how to pay their basic bills - the list goes on and on. 

Perhaps I sound a bit "Pollyanna-ish" (and why exactly is that a bad thing anyway?), but it truly does help to take time to recognize the good things in our lives, the things we can be grateful for.  If nothing else, it puts one in a better frame of mind and better able to tackle the challenges ahead with a positive outlook.

So here are a few pretty Door County images I hope will brighten your day.  Happy New Year!

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