Detroit Businesses Get Affordable Assistance for MI Condos for Sale and MORE!

Mortgage and Lending with i Cantu Media LTD

Getting the word out about condos for sale is going to become a little easier this year thanks to Web 2.0 and Viral Marketing. These are two powerful tools on the Internet that will allow a business owner to get the word out quick and fast about their special offers. Best of all, they will not have to rely on traditional media such as television, radio, newspapers or direct mail. This online delivery system allows the business owner to get the word out about their company quick and fast on the web.

Get listed now for the season and it is much faster than print and other forms of media.

The idea to blast out a listing in this new online format came from marketing innovator, Ted Cantu and the online SEO, search engine optimization company, Customer Connect. "A lot of these Michigan business have no idea how to promote their business now with the collapse of printed newspapers. The whole thing is a sad situation. But now with online promotions becoming highly visible on Google this will become the ideal thing to do for many companies. Its fast - really fast - you can get a company listed on the first page of Google in about an hour in some cases.... More businesses need to know about this."

The firm is actually going to help out local Metro Detroit area businesses of all sizes to list MI condos for sale and more. Cantu and Co. is allowing a limited number of these companies to test out its technology and place their Metro Detroit business on the first page of Google - for a special low price for the new year.

"The idea to do something like this for the local Metro Detroit economy is pretty exciting. With the collapse of the Ann Arbor News and Oakland Press its time for contracted service oriented businesses and private practices to learn about what online technology can do. This is much more effective than the Yellow Pages and it really does work." Explains Ted Cantu.

Detroit businesses can get their online marketing samples in two different ways - one will include an online video blast and the other is an online news blast. These are very impactful and the business owner can see results in under an hour.

"The best part about this is that you can really narrow target your audience right down to the right price point and demographic. Its not as random as a Yellow Pages ad or a direct mail campaign and the visibility is very high and immediate." Adds Cantu.


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