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We decided to hike the "Gunks". This way we could let the hiking customers we have had what to expect. We had to plan for this hike. Most people just go- Not us.

The first step to  successful hike is to have the proper gear. So to the LLBean catalog we go. I spent a small fortune. Back packs, 1st aid kit.Anti-venom snake kit, Hiking boots, rain gear, Shirt with wicking capabilities. I even bought "smart" wool socks. Next  on the shopping list: groceries- trail mix (5lbs) water, propel, water, wet naps. I decided not to get toilet paper because I would  stop drinking 3 days before the hike. We had everything we would need except a SHERPA. We even had a "base" camp site selected.

The day of the hike finally arrives and off we go- My daughter, my partner and yours truly. I decide after about 15 minutes that I can not carry the heavy back pack. So that was passed to my Daughter.

You can't get lost on the hike because the trails are color coded (marks on the trees). We were on an easy trail, so they told me. It wasa very hot &  humid day. I wished I hadn't worn the "smart" wool socks, They were just itchy. We had to climb a hill that I thought was rock scrambling. No!!! this is just some gravel I was told.Since I had stopped drinking days before I was very thirsty. I drank a lot which was OK(I had seen some porta-potties along the way)

We didn't see any animals, just other hikers and campers. Our adventure took about 4 hours. Finally," base camp" (a local restaurant). I got rid of the wool socks and hoped the blisters would heal soon.

It wasn't  Everest, but I put a lot of "spin" on  hiking the "gunks" to anyone that has an interest.

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