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Coercion via the Internet

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In recent months consumers and scammers have taken to the Internet and various physical locations to try to intimidate small businesses and individuals in business for themselves. False information, fake posts, browbeating, ridiculing and name-calling tactics are used in an effort to seek leverage and eventual retribution. Many times we see, and we have even been a party to false accusations and even slanderous statements and postings. At Alltech such accusations and attempts to seek revenge or leverage compensation are passed along to our corporate legal Counsel for review and investigation, along with pertinent background documentation such as emails and email return receipts, printed documentation and time stamped transmission logs. After review, if our practices are found to have failed, we contact the client and make it right. When Counsel finds no failure, we make the appropriate business decision and take no further action. If you are a businessperson, and you are being intimidated, coerced or even slandered over the Internet, address the situation with Counsel immediately. Your reputation demands it. Based on what the party has stated, you may have earned the capability for retribution against the party. But until an Attorney reviews the documentation you don't know your rights. Look, at some point every business has an unhappy or disgruntled customer, there are usually steps to make the party happy or at least provide a win-win conclusion. We have found that nothing is more important than an Attorney and a legally binding document or contract, if you have clients that must sign one keep it in your files. How long? .... FOREVER!
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