10 Strategic Steps to Guide You in 2010

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1. Best Practices For Achieving Global Outreach And Global Visibility (Are you working in a global market?)

  • The Internet is where people look at homes first
  • Attend real estate related events and conferences a) How do you get visibility?
  • Talk to people
  • One-on-one with qualified sphere and target the ones to gain the most exposure (who is giving you the most value?)
  • Customize your one-on-one
  • Minimize time spent
  • Qualify them
  • Follow up regularly
  • Share point of interest and humor
  • Remain memorable

2. Best Personal Marketing Strategies (What are you doing to maintain visibility in your market area?)

  • Blog
  • E-Postcard
  • Community letters
  • Join organizations and groups
  • Share information with sphere
  • Have a business lunch weekly
  • Ask what you can do for them? (give lunch first then ask what you can do for them)
  •  Permission based marketing
  •  Follow up 5-7 times
  •  Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in (Social networking)
  •  Name-tags worn everywhere
  •  Company t-shirts – wear socially
  •  Keep visible
  •  Send out “just sold” postcards

 3. Do You Have A Market Niche? (What is your market niche and do you feel you can have multiple market niches?)

  • What is your niche? Sports, waterfront properties, short sales, auctions, firemen/teachers, church, investors, REO, ethnic groups, politics, hobbies (example: golfer sells golf front properties; boater sells waterfront, etc.)

4. Best Practices For Effectively Marketing Your Listings (What are you doing that the competition is not?)

  • Pull owner/occupied in three mile radius and target the tenants (renters being able to buy)
  • Press releases on property (send bullet point information to Roger – it MUST be newsworthy) Press release gives you exposure
  • Video: Example, testimonials, show points of interest for the property – emotional. Example: horse farm – show videos of brushing horse, etc.
  • Track your results
  • Understand sellers’ motivation; reasons for urgency; get down the price; keep focused; keep their fire burning (three main points are exposure, price, accessibility)

5. Best Practices For Marketing To Buyers

  • What are your most effective ways for finding new buyers?
  • Look at previous buyers
  • Work your database
  • Listings must be the right price
  • You are what you advertise. Advertise $200,000 properties and you talk to $200,000 buyers; advertise $2 million properties and you talk to $2 million prospects.
  • Open House
  • Outreach to lead list (database)
  • Ask all “who do you know”
  • Ask for the referral

6. Best Practices For Holding An Open House (What are the best ways to get prospects to your open house?)

  • Ask to be added to your brokerage website
  • Realtor.com
  • Make it a themed event with food (one invite to brokers; one to prospects, etc.)
  • Send out e-flyer
  • Door Hangars
  • Send personal invitations (ex: 20 personalized invites to neighbors)

   a) What are your best practices for post open house follow up?

  • RSVP from the invitation (gives you great “in” with the people who responded
  • Neighborhood listing potential (may get a neighbor’s listing)

7. Effective Database Marketing (How important is database marketing today? Very important!)

  • If you are not using, you are going out of business
  • How often should you touch your database?
  • Important to follow up with database; three times per month
  • Share your best database marketing strategies with agents you know (the favor will be returned)
  • Send useful information
  • “Call to Order” (Ask for a referral)
  • Take advantage of company-provided marketing

8. Free Marketing Initiatives (What do you see as the most effective marketing strategy that is absolutely free?)

  • Blogging
  • E-postcards
  • Social networking

9. What Are You Going To Do Differently To Market Yourself And Your Properties In 2010?

  • Do inventory of what has been most effective: look back and reuse your most effective practices.

10. Best Marketing Practices To Do - Today

  •  Communicate one-on-one (make phone calls)
  •  Mirror the client’s personality
  •  Ask “Who do you know?”
  •  Ask for the referral
  •  Get involved with a charity
  •  Mail 20 personal invitations to neighbors (personalized) around your open house
  • Personally written thank you notes “from the heart”

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Lisa Walston
Atlas Property Group and Abbey Church Properties - Greenwood, IN

Wow! Thanks for the advanced realtor course in a blog!

Jan 04, 2010 01:44 PM
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