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Eureka CA! Realtor Jeff's  words like  "eureka, arcata, mckinleyville, ferndale, fortuna, willow creek, trinidad, home selling, listing, realtor" can grab Googles attention but really only if the words are public.   I am confused when I see ActiveRain members who are NOT RainMakers talking to consumers in a Members Only post. 

Realtor Jeff's post 3 Key Elements to Selling Your Home   (Members Only) only shows to members of ActiveRain... not even to the whole real estate industry and not to consumers because he is not a RainMaker.

Maybe that is part of the reason for ActiveRain Ambassadors

Back to the words "eureka, arcata, mckinleyville, ferndale, fortuna, willow creek, trinidad, home selling, listing, realtor"    I guess the last few words there are generic... "home selling, listing, realtor" there are realtors from sea to shining sea.  I am a "realtor" with Real Living HER in Columbus Ohio.

I was talkReal Living logoing to my old dear friend*  Realtor Jeff in Eureka California  about using a Rainmaker account to catch the attention of search engines and consumers.

Realtor Jeff in Eureka CA!

I believe Jeff and I will soon be second cousins by marriage, once removed.... or something like that.  There is a merger between GMAC real estate and Real Living Realty Services (the expansion unit of Real Living....)  The merger does not affect us in Central Ohio(Real Living HER formerly HER REALTORS ) except for getting a bunch of new cousins from sea to shining sea. Oh and being proud of the two companies for this high profile merger... I met Jeff through Stefan Swanepoel's post about the GMAC Real Living merger.

 Realtor Jeff is Jeff Ragan with Ming Tree GMAC in Eureka CA.

The tags Jeff used in his post are those words:

  eureka, arcata, mckinleyville, ferndale, fortuna, willow creek, trinidad, home selling, listing, realtor

So Realtor Jeff in Eureka CA! must work in those areas.

eureka, arcata, mckinleyville etc.  are Realtor Jeff's tags on the post. 

* I met Jeff Ragan in November or December 2009 on ActiveRain... through Stefan Swanepoel's ActiveRain post. Jeff's concern was with the Real Living company websites that many of us use.  I assured Realtor Jeff there are agents in our company who do not use the Real Living company websites....

My point of view as an ActiveRain Ambassador:

The first step in using ActiveRain to talk to consumers about yourself, your market, your services and your brand IMHO is an ActiveRain Rainmaker account.  If you are not a Rainmaker you are not able to talk to consumers using ActiveRain. If you are a Rainmaker and are using ActiveRain to talk only to others in the industry you are missing an opportunity IMHO.  That opportunity is often referred to as Google Juice.

For a discounted first month as a Rainmaker use this code. $5 first month.   Upgrading to a RainMaker account

If you are in the real estate industry but not a member of ActiveRain  Join ActiveRain

More about the Real Living GMAC Merger: 

Real Living GMAC merger using your ActiveRain Resources

GMAC Agents Welcome to the Real Living Family



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Jeff Ragan
Ming Tree, Realtors Real Living - Eureka, CA
Luxury Agent, Northern California

I'm honored that you are blogging about me!  Thanks, Maureen!  I'm new to blogging, and haven't committed to become a RainMaker yet, although I'm sure I will at some point...soon.  Right now I'm trying out several spots including Active Rain, Trulia, Facebook, and our company website, www.MingTree.com, but looking at the back ends and seeing which ones my web designer is going to best be able to use in conjunction with my website, www.RealtorJeff.net.  In the meantime, I'm getting in the habit of a weekly blog on all the sites, and building up an "inventory" of content for when I do go public.

I'm interested, how do consumers find me through Active Rain?  As opposed to any other blog site?  What is the comparative advantage?

Also, I'm trying to "develop" one site at a time so I can figure out which clients are coming from where.

And being new to it all, it's just taking some time.  But I must be doing something right if you are blogging about little ol' me!

Jan 05, 2010 04:28 AM
Maureen McCabe
HER Realtors - Columbus, OH
Columbus Ohio Real Estate

gee I think I've lost interest...  too much exciting stuff going on with Real Living with people who are excited about the possibilities and embracing the future. 

Jan 13, 2010 08:23 PM