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HUD's response to my VA question

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Well, I got a response from HUD, but it wasn't the most helpful thing in the world. It looks like they haven't thought about, and don't intend to think about, the way their new rules interact with the existing rules of other federal agencies like the VA. This is unfortunate since these interactions are critical to the way things actually work in the real wold. Of course, the problem may be that the people making the rules don't actually work in the "real world" of mortgage finance.

Here is the exact quote in answer to my questions from my last post:

"It is recommended that you discuss the VA guidelines with their office, HUD cannot interpret regulations promulgated by another federal agency."

It's very frustrating when you have two federal agencies making rules that are in direct conflict with one another and that somehow both have to be applied in the same transaction. I wonder if I should take this question to VA... or will they just respond that they don't interpret HUD's regulations?