Happy New Green Year 2010!

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Hooray for 2010! Time to implement Energy Efficiency and Sustainability!

The New Year brings renewed inspirations and a fresh outlook on all our goals and dreams and how we plan to achieve them. For many, the New Year brings about a perfect excuse to improve themselves and to work toward more rewarding accomplishments in life. And 2010 seems like such an important year because we have an excellent opportunity to begin the healing process of our recessed economy and strive to begin restoring home values in local neighborhoods all across the Denver Metro area. I hope you share in my enthusiasm and my optimistic attitude!

In 2009, I spent Christmas Eve in the serene outdoors of Knoxville Tennessee, chopping and splitting wood to be burned in a wood burning furnace. It was a great experience that gave me a renewed respect for energy and how energy is used to power our lives. Both fortunately and unfortunately we had a gas powered wood splitter; fortunately because it would have taken 2 whole days of splitting wood with an axe to do what my father and I did it in just several hours, and unfortunately because I was unable to truly experience how much work and energy people who lived generations ago had to put forth without the help of machines and modern technology just to heat their homes and cook their food in order to survive. This gave me a new found respect for energy and electricity and the modern innovations that have made our lives so much easier.

As 2010 begins I find myself anxious to help everyone around me to better understand what goes on behind the scenes of energy production and distribution, and how simple it can be to begin working towards solutions to rising energy prices and the dilapidation of homes that were constructed in a time where efficiency and sustainability were not considered as strongly as they should have been. As you know I am an EcoBroker® – a green real estate agent trained and certified in Energy, the Environment, and Green Marketing, and how these principles affect real estate decisions and transactions. For me, the new year brings new hope that you and I will empower our communities to begin focusing on energy efficiency and sustainability in order to move our housing market and our economic condition into a new age of expansion and success.

It just makes sense, if you are buying a home you need to consider the energy usage and environmental aspects of the home as importantly as you consider your loan interest rate and the neighborhood you plan to live in. If you’re selling you should make your property the most attractive and that you provide the best to your buyer who sees the value in living in a green home. So next time you are looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate, consider your wallet, and consider your local and global environment. Be energy efficient and sustainable!

Happy New Year 2010




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Stay true to yourself and your planet,

Andrew Cepeda

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Li Read
Sea to Sky Premier Properties (Salt Spring) - Salt Spring Island, BC
Caring expertise...knowledge for you!

Nice post...I agree with you that the "green lifestyle" choice is now an essential.

Jan 05, 2010 08:07 AM
Bethany Phillips, MBA
Fredericksburg, VA

Just purchased a home myself and am committed to 'greening it up'

Jan 05, 2010 10:35 PM