Will 2010 Be the Year of Recovery in Maine?

Real Estate Agent with The Bean Group

Whenever I listen to the news, the radio, etc., I am always slightly amused.  Have you ever noticed the way they present the current status of the housing market?  Bad with a slight touch of optimism. 

The reality is that none of us want to be the one to spell it out or look at the landscape and see some bleak realities.  The truth is, is might still get worse before it can get better.

This year, we will see many different pieces of a complex puzzle surface.  The experts agree that we haven't seen the bottom of the foreclosures.  Add to that the expiring homebuyer tax credit.  this had provided our economy with a nice boost and feeling of optimism, but it is slated to end April 30th.  The final piece is the threat of inflation and possible interest rate hikes.  When combined into one "pretty"picture, the truth is, it's "pretty scary".

Now, here is my touch of optimism.  Sorry, I couldnt resist.  Property values have realigned themslves with reality.  That means a family looking to buy a home can actually get good value for the money.  The other reality is that the market is priming itself for investors to cash in on the foreclosure market and make a decent ROI. 

So, what do you do?  Find yourself a good Realtor.  One that is versed in the current state of the market and knows how to leverage the current situation to maximize your potential.  Need a good one?  Look no further!  Just give me a call!

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