Exclusive Private Funding

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Alaskan Success,Inc

Construction/Project Financing - ANYWHERE

$10 Million and Up


Office Building/Arena/High Rise           Resorts/Hotels

Must Provide ALL of the following items to be eligible for consideration:

1)  One-two page executive summary of project/purchase 2)  One page Acquisition sheet (provided)
3)  Color copy of photo passport of each participant
4)  Signed non-disclosure forms (provided)

*See Protocol (Procedure) below

Subdivisions                                Golf Courses

Program Highlights

*  All participants must pass Homeland Security check
*  15 Year Fixed Interest Rate
5.5% Interest Rate
Appropriate downpayment amount (if any) into escrow account – 100% protected to funding
No payments for 1st two years or until build complete
No liens against property/project after funding (no 2nds etc…)
ALL FEES must be disclosed
Qualifying NOT determined by credit
Up to $10 Million on first draw and up to 30% on each
    following draw
*  Can be fully funded in 120 days
*  Construction or existing properties
*  Not allowed to refinance with any other lender
*  Escrow amount increases above $100 Million
No limit on location - financing world-wide

We will NOT discuss project(s) until eligibility requirements are satisfied.    ***NO EXCEPTIONS***

Contact:Robert Skulka

Mansions                            Malls/Strip Malls

*Program and guidelines may be altered at investor discretion at any time*

Submission Protocol

Step 1: Submit toRobert Skulka

One-Two page executive summary of project – if acceptable you will receive a Non Disclosure Non Compete (NCND) document for completion. This is between Consultant and Owner Finance. Upon return you will receive a second set of NCND documents for the client to complete. (You will only receive the OFI–NCND once as it covers all submissions).

Step 2: Submit to Robert Skulka from Client:

1) Proof of clear downpayment funds (if any) available for escrow 2)  Letter from Bank Authority confirming  access to  
     unencumbered funds – if downpayment is required
3)  Color copy of photo passport of each participant
4)  One page acquisition sheet (provided with NCND)
5)  Signed non-disclosure forms (provided)

Project types: Any as long as it’s a construction project. No straight purchases or refinances. Minimum $10 million, nothing below.

Client must be “ready to go” on project construction and have “skin in the game”. (invested own funds into project)

Type of Financing: “Equity Financing” and Debt Financing” considered on all submissions. Investor will discuss with client after introduction.

Not available for projects in Florida, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island.


Important: Do not submit incomplete packages. After submitting the Executive Summary and receiving request for entire package submit all items together as we do not stage items. Partial submissions are deleted.

* Do not submit projects that do not have permits in place and are not ready to start immediately.

* Upon receipt of all required documents and investor preapproval - direct contact between investor and client will be established.

* Fees are determined on a case by case basis. After executive summary submission Owner Finance will discuss with Consultant appropriate fee to charge client. Upon investor preapproval of transaction Owner Finance will provide a Fee Protection Agreement for Client execution to the Consultant. Fee is paid from closing proceeds to Robert Skulka and disbursement is then made to Client. (Typical fees can range from 1 to 4 points depending upon size of transaction)

Product Registration:

  • Clients must register with Robert Skulka to use this product. The one-time charge to register is $999.00

  • Support is provided via phone only.

  • The earnings potential with this product is enormous. We are limiting the number of registrations for this product. Registration will be closed immediately upon reaching volume limitations.

  • We will not review any submissions from anyone before completing the registration process.

  • To register send fee through PayPal or send Bank Check/Money Order to our mailing address.


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