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Product Parameters


$2M to $500MM Partnerships – income producing property


$2M to $500MM Partnerships – construction projects


All projects values are calculated in US Dollars


(Funding group has a strong appetite for income producing properties).


Commercial only – (not for residential home purchase) USA, Caribbean, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Australia, Japan and areas that are not considered high risk due to government instability or terrorist related issues.


Downpayment consideration is a 10% returnable cash deposit. The 10% cash is held for 2 years in a blocked account at Bank of America or CITI and then returned. If returned sooner – 10% of downpayment amount penalty applies. There is a minimum 1 year hold for the 10% amount. The 10% is calculated against the total purchase price of existing improvement or total funds required for construction project.


3 years in business (less than 3 years will be reflected in JV split) (must have financials for file – not verified)


100% Funding


Joint Venture Split - 60% Principle / 40% JV Partner


Submission Requirements for consideration/approval–

  • Executive Summary with principle resume and Performa – must have successful track record.

  • Proof of 10% Cash Consideration – must be liquid (not POF)

  • Previous 3 years business financials (for file only – not verified)

  • Appraisal


All type projects considered - response within 3 to 4 business days.


How It Works?


Sample: You have a contract on a 50MM dollar income producing property, developed, or needs to be developed. You have a resume and a successful track record in this field, and you can prove that you have 10% cash consideration liquid, our funding group wants to be your partner!


With the JV Program, you pay no interest payments, ever! You wave these payments by taking on one partner at 40% giving you the majority share at 60%. You pay nothing until the project starts making money.


The Process:

Step 1:

Submit detailed Executive Summary with resume and proof of 10% liquid funds, we will review and get back to you within 3 to 4 business days.

Step 2:

Principle signs NCND. Principle submits application/introduction fee. We then arrange a conference call between the JV facilitator and principals.

Step 3:

An agreement outlining the terms discussed on conference call are sent to you, if all clear, you sign and send back to us. In this agreement, we guarantee funds (commitment). At this time the application/introduction fee becomes non-refundable.

Step 4:

You set up a blocked account with either BOA or CITI for 10% of the requested amount to be funded. Funds are then verified. Full commitment is issued. Partnership contract needs to be done by legal. This is all done within the first 10 days.

Step 5:

Facilitator collects $15,000.00 fee and JV attorney’s $15,000.00 charge for all legal work. The legal work charge is credited back at closing.



Application/Introduction fee is refunded if no firm commitment is issued. Additional fee are not collected until a firm commitment is in place. Upon closing application/introduction fee is returned to principle and facilitation fee is credited back to principle.


References will be provided. References include, project, state, loan amount, contact information, etc..... NO BULL HERE! As you can see, everything is disclosed, no hidden surprises.



Partnership Benefits:

In most cases, you will find that when a project is being developed, there are several partner/investors in place. All taking a piece of the pie, the principal who put everything together is only getting a small piece. Using our scenario, the principal gets 60%, we get 40% and we put up 100% of the money. No monthly payments are made until the project starts profiting.


Principals make more money, making no interest payments during construction phase.


Projects typically close in less than 45 days. (Exception: No funding from 11/15 to 1/15 of each calendar year)


Remember, there is no loan, this is your partner. You’re closing on the partnership agreement with a group that has all the capital you need.



$5,000 Application/Introduction fee (completely refundable if not approved)

$30,000 Facilitation and Attorney Fees

Point charge- 10 (can be rolled in)








Client Registration –

  • $1500 –  send MO/Bank Check. NCND will be provided when first client is submitted. There will only be a limited number of consultant registrations allowed. Register quickly as this is a very HOT product.This is non-refundable.

  • You must be absolutely direct to principle. No broker chains. If lead is referred to you and you want to compensate that person upon closing you must do that out of your fee. That person will not be part of the process and must step aside NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • After client has submitted info for preapproval we will work direct to the client from that point forward till close. You will step aside.

  • Upon receiving application and application/introduction fee from client you will receive $1000 when the principle is issued an engagement letter (firm commitment). When the transaction closes the $1000 will be deducted from your total referral fee as the entire fee is returned to the client. The $1000 upfront is to provide you with cash flow.

  • Referral fee is on a sliding scale and our fee is protected by our investment group. No outside fee agreement is allowed with the principle nor do we need a consulting fee agreement.

  • Commission to you –

1st $10M block is at .45%,

2nd $10M block is at .40%,

3rd $10M block is at .35%,

4th $10M block is at .30%

5th $10M block and up is at .20%


Example – on a $50M submission your commission would be calculated at $10M for each level based upon the percentage for that block of funds. The total commission to you on a $50M closing would be $170,000.00 minus the $1,000 application/introduction return.

  • Minimum size deal is $2M



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