Why I do Short Sales in Kansas City...

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I have heard it said that FEAR is the great motivator.

My experience has been that fear can cause homeowners to become professional AVOIDERS. Dodge the phone, leave the mail unopened, don't answer the door. And, I totally understand that fear and motivation to stick your head in the sand. I have been in financial trouble, and even faced foreclosure. When my daughter was born and needed a lengthy ICU stay, I thought it would bankrupt my family. We had massive medical debt and no income while we cared for her. I was terrified. For a while, I even avoided.


What I learned through that experience is that knowledge is power. Taking some control and using the tools available to you in a crises can change the course of your fate. It can also help you fight the demons of depression and guilt. I believe it down to my core. I've seen it work.


Since that time, I have helped people avoid foreclosure. It's the perfect marriage of my 10 years in Real Estate and my heart for those whose lives have taken a detour.


There are several options available to homeowners when you have faced the 4 D'S (as I call them):



Disability (medical or otherwise)

Dumb Boss (loss of job)


If you are behind on your mortgage, or can see that you will be, there are tools and laws in your favor. Don't face foreclosure on your own. Don't bury your head in the sand. I can show you at least two options that are way better than being evicted. My services are paid for by the bank, and it's my job to help you eliminate some of the debt that can rob you of your joy for life.

In fact, 1/2 of Kansas City homeowners can even sell AFTER foreclosure, frequently taking some equity with them, since Kansas is a Redemption state.

Oh, and in my opinion,  Homeowners and agents involved in Short Sales should invest in Yoga, Bible Study or Hypnosis for relaxation and patience. Even a Smash Room!

Some banks have already initiated programs like this, knowing that Short Sales are going to be around for awhile. Contact me if you have questions.

Don't give up or avoid. Fight!

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