FREE TRAINING SESSIONS in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver

Education & Training with The Real Estate Training Institute

REAL ESTATE SALES ASSOCIATES - Increase your income up to 200% by attending the Free training sessions with Founder and Master Trainer DWAYNE GROOME

WHEN: Edmonton - Feb 16th, 2010

          Winnipeg - Feb 17th, 2010

          Calgary - Feb 18th, 2010

          Vancouver - Mar 26th, 2010


In This Seminar you will learn how to:

1) Book more listing appointments

2) Generate more leads _ 10 ways

3) Control the listing appointment

4) Handle Objections

5) Protect and increase your commissions

6) Master your attitude and manage time

7) Balance your personal and professional time


To attend this Free Training session you must register online at or


DWAYNE GROOME Founder/Master Trainer

is an authority on the subject of increasing production.  After years of top production in the real estate industry, Dwayne turned his success into a platform for education across North America.  His career's rapid ascent is a case study in the importanceof mind set and dedication to achieving results.  This insight and expertise has not gone unnoticed.  Dwayne is a sought after consultant, advisor, trainer and speaker all over North America and this has truly captured Dwayne's passion of Achievement.





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